Self development

Raw Intelligence!

Raw Intelligence does not equate with success. Unspoken beliefs that we carry through our lives influence our chances of happiness, self confidence and success. If we look just at the Origin of wine itself. Who would have thought a bunch of damaged fruit would turn into such toasty wine? But the […]


Negative = Positive Why Fight = When can Share Why Hate = When can Forgive Why Bitch = When can Empathise Why Pressurise = When can Inspire Why Adultery = When can be Loyal Why Arrogant = When can be Humble Why Dishonest = When can be Truthful Why Weak-Willed […]

Will this be purpose enough…

There are times my mind wanders To what’s my life purpose If I say, I want to purely live loving myself Explore every aspect of life Fighting demons believing I deserve the best Will this be purpose enough If I say, I want to give my all to people who […]

Unleashing Guilt…

You weren’t intentionally bad You hurt for you were just mad You still worthy of love n not just blame Or else you wouldn’t have felt such shame Did you know it would end this way Did you know there was another pathway You couldn’t have known the consequences Or […]

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

I don’t believe in taking the right decisions, I take decisions and then make them right – Ratan Tata The closest one person ever comes to perfection, Is while filling out a job application form – Stanley Randall Your attitude is either the lock on, Or the key to the […]

3 Quotes I like…

Photograph – Tiger Hill, Darjeeling, India. The leaves overshadowing, overpowering the beauty of the sun. But we all know what happens once the day pass by. Sometimes we just have to wait for the brightness to enter our lives. The quote is very self explanatory, I like the positivity that […]

Gossip Good Grouping!!!

Scene: Interview setting, 2 Interviewers, me candidate no 5. 10 minutes have passed since the interview started, interviewer on the 7th question. Interviewer 1: Since you would be eventually managing employees, I will give you a case study and you tell me the solution. Nervous siren on, I am new to […]