Stuck in fairy tales…

Yes I am still a child In this corrupted earth Believing in ethical minds Untainted at the cost of being exiled In this insensitive globe Idolising tender spirits Judged unfair tighten their heroic robes In this murderous world Imagining souls to be right Angels within the shadows of the night […]

Come Back…

Till you came My life was a lonely lane Your smile, Your laughter Making my heart beat faster I didn’t want to fall in love, pushed you away You wouldn’t let me go, standing in my way You waited long nights For me to see your plights My arrogance, My […]

It’s me that you need…

To the world, to everyone I was of no use Was sure I would loose Rejoiced when I failed Had my coffin already nailed Your word Daddy had me going Your tiny hand in mine had me knowing How could I let the world win leaving you alone When it’s […]

Let’s Just Give UP

I Thought: Its not in my destiny — so lets just give up Hope will die — so lets just give up Hurtful failure will fade — so lets just give up Heart & mind will be resentment free — so lets just give up Move on, high time — […]

Making of a LEADER !!!

Just 5 roles to play and you are a lifetime leader 1) Role Dreamer – Dream that dream that keeps you awake 2) Role Nomad – Travel different roads, including the unexplored ones, till you find the path which takes you closer to your dream 3) Role Follower – Become […]