Kelaat M’Gouna, Morocco!

Day 1: Our second halt is the rose valley also known as Kelaat M’Gouna, where the roses bloom in the entire valley. However, we visited this place in the month of March and this place blooms in April. So we kind of missed looking at the valley filled with roses and the place filled with its aroma with people plucking it to make some form of trade out of it. So the next best thing is to taste the Moroccan cuisine which we did at the restaurant named Kasbah Itran in Kelaat M’Gouna.


Kasbah Itran was built using the traditional materials in villages of the Valley, this is to say earth water and straw to form adobe blocks. These blocks then are used to make the thick walls. The roofs are made of bamboo stems intertwined with cedar logs. Located between the snow of the Atlas and the sand of the desert of the rose valley aka. Kelaat M’Gouna.


This is also the place where I had my first Tajine, a slow cooked savory stew usually made of sliced meat, poultry or fish together with vegetables or fruit. Usually it has a sweet sour combination and either served with bread or couscous. You will find Tajine as their main dish throughout the country because of its preparation done on a domed or cone shaped earthen pot which traps the steam and returns the condensed liquid to the pot thereby needing only a minimal amount of water to cook the meat and vegetables as you know this place is one with scarcity of water and hence the most prefered cooking method. No doubt we liked the Tagine Buffet and the restaurant where we had it.



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