Hammam, Marrakech!

Hammam also known as Communal bathhouses, whose origin is from the Roman Times. Earlier reserved for men but over time opened up to women. The oldest Hammam Mouassine, dates back to 1572 in Marrakesh. In the earlier days the hammams were a necessity due to lack of indoor plumbing and also as washing rituals are often performed before prayers as per Islamic societies. It was also a form of social gathering apart from unwinding oneself.

We do know that the term Hammam basically means heating up the cold water and taking a steam bath. These baths which also served as health centres. But during our exploration we actually went to the back office of the Hammam i.e. the whole ancient process of lighting the fire with your bare hands. And also how the people behind the scenes used to entertain themselves while waiting for the visitors to take their bath and also from time to time checking on the heating of the water.

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