Djemaa el Fna, Morocco!

One of largest open-air restaurant in Morocco, though the name meaning is controversial “assembly of the dead” as it was once an execution place by sultans and used it to display impaled heads. Today, its filled with stands, people and animals, an oriental atmosphere for the locals as well as tourist.

Though there are no written records, but it is believed that the place has been in existence since 1000 years ago where apart from the executions it was also the meeting point for traders of all kinds and hence also known as a square of jugglers. It’s also listed in Unesco as a cultural hub of human oral and intangible heritage. Which includes languages, myths and stories as well as music and dance.

We were there at the Djemaa el Fna during the evening when the sunset had yet to take place. It is recommended to see the place during the day and the night as the vendors change and the change of lights changes the vibrancy of the place.  The cuisines are also really exotic ones such as dried lizards, toads, snake skins. On our visit, there was major display especially of snail cuisine all over the place. From the place where we were photographing we also saw a small fight break out between the vendors nothing major; nobody was hurt, maybe just a frustration of making a living!


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