Marrakech, Morocco!

Our next trip is in Morocco, main reason to decide this destination was to visit the largest dry desert on earth “The Sahara”, but before we reach there lets first halt at Marrakech. The Fourth largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco, former capital of the empire, now just the capital of the mid-southwestern region and located at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.

Its initial inhabitants were the Berber farmers since Neolithic times and the city was founded in 1062 by Abu Bakr ibn Umar. You will find the city to be surrounded by red walls because of which it is also nicknamed as “Red City”, the buildings were constructed in red sandstone in 1122-1123.

When we landed in Marrakesh the airport had the modern outlook which is quite different when you enter into the old fort city. This Medina Quarter is packed with vendors and stalls. It’s also a Unesco World Heritage Site. You will find largest traditional markets here also called as Souk, and when you wander the streets you will find these souks selling from traditional Barber carpets to consumer electronics to even the different types of chandeliers and side lamps, spices, pottery, jewellery. Basically tourism is highly recommended to this place.  Pics of Airport and the Souks.




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