Tropen Aquarium Hagenbeck – Hamburg!

The day started with visiting The Miniature Wonderlandand then strolling around the Town Hall which gives you feel how the city Hamburg is. Now was the time to find the energy house i.e. the restaurant where I could refill myself and think about what to do next. Just 3 more hours to go before I head to the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) to go back home.

Around the Town Hall you will find lot of eatery outlets and ample of shopping options. I had vegetarian Italian cuisine and then decided to have a visit to the Tropen Aquarium Hagenbeck.

Hagenbeck has a Tierpark Zoo and a separate Tropical Aquarium. Decided to visit the aquarium first because of its indoor ambience. The cost of is around 16 Euros.  Though economically take the Zoo and the Aquarium together which is around 34 Euros and If you wish to see only the Zoo then its around 22 Euros.

The exterior looks like a temple complex, inside there is a tropical world with an adventure divided into four themed areas : The Tropical World, The Cave World, The Poisonous Snake Village and The Underwater World with reef sharks, majestic rays and colourful coral reefs.

Construction began in OCtober 2005; the opening was celebrated in May 2007, on the 100th Birthday of the Hagenbeck Zoo. It took 1.5 years to build and the construction cost totalled around 24 million euros.

In order for the exotic animals to really feel good, the climate in the individual areas must be constant and match the living conditions of the animals. At the same time, the inside of the building is designed to be as natural as possible. The principle of the gridless enclosure , which has always characterized the Hagenbeck Zoo, is omnipresent: on the one hand, this ensures that the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner, and on the other hand, it enables visitors to observe the exotic at close range and largely without restricting their view.



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