Hamburg, Germany

The most economical way to travel Hamburg is to get the Hamburg Card which lets you travel around the city unlimited and provides major discounts not only for the attractions but also in restaurants. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza there and the ambience was very elegantly done. The interiors were classy. Though the menu options were limited, but what we had was good and breakfast was delicious. Pics of the Place.


As I had only one day, after my visit to the Miniature Wonderland  , I then took a walk towards the Town Hall. Though there is good transportation. But it was beautiful sunny day and the walk in Hamburg looked ideal thing to do and also the Town Hall was just 700m away. I think the city is also under major restoration as I saw a lot of construction work going on.

After the Hamburg City Hall burned down completely in 1842, the council temporarily moved to provisional premises – for 55 years. The new town hall was inaugurated in 1897, has 647 rooms and stands on over 4,000 oak posts. Though I didn’t visit the rooms inside maybe the next opportunity I get to see Hamburg. But I was more keen on exploring the city by foot as in Winter to get a bit of sunshine is a sign enough to walk around the town.



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