Miniature Wonderland, Hamburg

Visited the Miniature Wonderland, one of the topmost tourist attraction in Hamburg, Germany. Though I wasn’t sure if I would like it as I vaguely remembered visiting some kind of Miniature city and wasn’t so fascinated by it. But this one was different you can set out on a journey across 1499 sqm from Scandinavia throughout Germany to Austria and Switzerland with day and night stimulation every 15 minutes.

With 280 moving cars, smallest commercial airport, 263000 figurines, 9,23,000 working hours you can journey through them all by seeing those miniature cities. By look of it there is more interesting future projects too.  The enormity of all those miniatures were one of a kind and they truly looked impressive.

Initially when I entered the  premises I wondered if I had reached the right place because it is placed at Hamburg historic warehouse district. But once you enter the main exhibition the whole place changes.

The whole tour can take minimum an hour or 2. There are guided tours too, but when I reached they didn’t have an English one and so saw the place by myself and you can let through your imagination of probably being in a Helicopter and seeing the cities touring the world from above.


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