Lucerne – Switzerland!

The most central location in Switzerland is Lucerne. It’s the ideal starting point for many excursions various trips to Lucerne’s regional mountains, the Pilatus or the Rigi – the queen of mountains – is a must. From their central main station you can also visit Mt. Titlis  and Aareschlucht (Aare Gorge), Switzerland! which was what we did when we were in Lucerne , you can check those places from the links provided.

But apart from it being the most centered location the city is an ancient town with one of the oldest bridges serving as its centrepiece, sited on Lake Lucerne embedded within an impressive mountainous panorama. A city of Town Squares and churches. The Jesuit church dating from the 17th century is regarded as Switzerland’s first sacral Baroque building and the twin towers of the Hofkirche form an integral part of the townscape. The figure of a dying lion which was hewn from the face of rock in remembrance of the heroic death of Swiss guards killed during an attack on the Tuileries in 1792 is one of the best-known monuments in Switzerland.

When we visited Lucerne the day was rainy so we could still capture most of the place and also under the shed of their famous Chapel Bridge and Spreuer Bridge. Dating back to 1333, the medieval bridge is recognizable because of its distinctive water tower with an octagonal roof.  In 1993 a fire broke out and though restored you can see the the 17th century pictorial panels inside the bridge. The day and Lucerne became more beautiful because of the showers if truth be told.




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