Munich Residence, Germany!

One of the largest Museum complexes I have been to in Germany, till date has been the Munich Residence, though there are many more grandeur palaces with the collections of the royals which I have to still decide when to visit.

From 1508 to 1918 the Munich Residence served as the seat of the government and was residence to the dukes, electors and the Kings. Built over the centuries into a magnificent palace of grandeur and wealth by its rulers.

The Second World War destroyed much of the Residence, and from 1945 it was gradually reconstructed. Today, with the museums of the Bavarian Palace Administration (the Residence Museum itself, the Treasury and the CuvilliΓ©s Theatre) along with other cultural institutions have been restored.

Visiting the grandeur of that time and the paintings and the collections showcase their own story of what went through. Though we had only half a day to be given. But if you have time I won’t be surprised if you told me that a day was also not enough. The architecture and the depiction of the collection was good, I especially like looking at the paintings with its vivid descriptions of the scenario of History.




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