Snowdon, Wales!

A name derived from its white, snow-capped peak, and the name “don” for the term mountain. Though when we visited there was no snow, but it was definitely misty and windy like we were in between the clouds. However it seems the Welsh have another name for their highest mountain, called Yr Wyddfa which means the grave or the crypt, believing that the mountain is the tomb of the giant Rhitta Gawr. The legend says that Rhitta Gawr’s coat and cap consisted of beards, trophies from the struggles with the kings of men.

There are many legendary stories associated with their King Arthur in Snowdon and so on exploring you might come across their traces, one such story is:

Some 26 British Kings teamed up to defeat the giant Rhitta Gawr, who frightened the country, but it did not take much effort for the giant to kill them all and he used the killed men’s beard as a coat to protect him from the cold. Later on Rhitta Gawr asked the legendary King Arthur also to provide his beard who obviously declined. 

And thus heading with an army towards Arthur a fight broke out between the two which in the Welsh saga “The Mantle of King’s Beards” was very brutal. However, in the end the Giant Rhitta Gawr was defeated and Arthur demanded that a tomb of the giant to be built.

Though in our exploration we didn’t find any other traces of the legendary stories, but we did take the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Its a cog railway that runs from Llanberis to the summit. Usually tourist take the cog railway to reach the top which is about 1085 meters and then take the train back down or for the adventurer types you hike down to the bottom back to the station route called the Llanberis Pass (it’s a long route, so time it accordingly)

Though I liked the train ride more as we could see the natural beauty of Wales in the ride than the summit at the top. The whole ride is of 2 hours 30 minutes out of which 30 minutes is the halt at the top. If you miss it then you will have to hike down. Though the time of 30 minutes is short, for us it was perfect as at that time the place was too windy and cold to even capture the best of the place.




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