The Atomium, Brussels!

Like the Eiffel Tower, Brussels also has a 335-foot-tall giant iron crystals replicated in shiny steel, The Atomium, magnified 165 billion times the normal size of an iron crystal consisting of nine atoms.  Three atoms of a space diagonal form as hollow spheres together with the lines (tubes) connecting them a lookout tower , around which the other six atoms and their mutual connections are arranged.

The original idea had been to build an upside down version of the Eiffel Tower, but in keeping with a 1950s atomic age theme, the Atomium was designed as a peaceful use of nuclear energy by engineer Andre Waterkeyn and developed and built by architects  André and Jean Polak .

Inside you can see a permanent exhibition about the world’s fair 1958 and the Atomium building. Though we only captured the huge Atomiums and the place around it from the outside due to limitation of time, but you can visit the insides.  You need to reach the Heysel / Heizel metro station (line 6) and walk for 5 minutes from there to capture this beautiful monument.


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  1. Thank you for sharing the details about the Atomium..!! I thought that the interior of the same wasn’t accessible to tourists.. I saw it several times from trains enroute Netherlands from Brussels.. Will try to visit it and explore this time..
    Thank you once again Madam for sharing.. 🙂


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