Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Brussels!

To transform the existing narrowly built-up and poorly lit inner sections of Brussels, an idea struck the dutch architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar , to build a 213 meter long building consisting of long corridors with two upper floors under a slightly curved glass roof in a cast iron frame.

The whole concept was to attract the higher social classes to the area and hence together with banker Jean-André Demot, he founded the “Société des Galeries Saint-Hubert” in the summer of 1836.  It took 9 years to build the arcade and from the start itself it was built into a designer shopping complex.

After visiting the Unesco World Heritage Square of Brussels, while exploring this place you will come across this mall. And then you can either shop around this area or have a the world famous Belgium chocolate or waffles. And believe me it is as tasty as it can be. However, I dont have the pic of the one we had, but did capture a giant Chocolate bite from the Shopping arcade.


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