Manneken Pis, Brussels!

Brussels was just a one day visit and it’s a small place which can be covered in a day. After reaching there came to know that it’s also a gastronomical delight as you will find especially seafood restaurants all around the town.

And when you are in Brussels, you know that the most iconic thing which signifies this place is none other than the Little Peeing Man Statue i.e. The Manneken Pis. However, as we were exploring the place by our self we kind of didn’t find him at the first attempt and we would have probably missed it, if we hadn’t found a crowd trying to capture the photograph of this small fellow. I mean it is really very small some 58 centimeters of bronze standing on a small water basin behind a firm iron-cast gate isn’t exactly what you’d call impressive. Nevertheless, it is one of the iconic figures put on the pedestal since 1618 or 1619 and we found him.

Another surprising thing to note is that though this statue is small, history has instances of it being abducted by many people. Infact in one such instance in 1747, Louis XV of France even had to reprimand a group of his grenadiers who thought it was funny to steal the Manneken but unintentionally almost provoked a riot. Such is the love for this statue by Brussels!




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