Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK!

The best walks and treks till date has been in UK. And Yorkshire Dales was one such place where we had stayed and gone for an easy walk trek trail over there.

As we are not that adventurous and fit to take difficult treks, this one was perfect for us in the cool time of March so the weather was just pleasant enough to accomodate our moderate skills of trekking.  There are lot of pathways which you can take and the information centre will provide you the trails or you can just follow the crowd and the navigation signs to reach your place of interest.

The Dales are U or V shaped valleys within the Pennines mountain range. The mountains are mostly of limestone and show distinctive karst forms such as caves, gorges, river sinkings and extensive furrowed rock faces.

The one we went to was the Malham Cove, a natural limestone formation near the town of Malham in North Yorkshire. It consists of a jagged limestone surface that falls vertically on the south side in the form of an amphitheater into the valley below. The wall is 80 meters high and 300 meters wide.  


And from there you can catch the trails of walk you want to do from the easiest to the most difficult ones. Taking the easiest one we tried and captured the best of the place.



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