Esztergom Basilica!

On the day trip to Szentendre  , we also took a halt at a place called Esztergom to see the Basilica over there, though it is not as grand as the one in Budapest is. This one however is the largest church in Hungary sitting on Castle Hill, and its 72m-high central dome can be seen for many kilometers around.


The highlight for me was the surrounding area where the church is. Its scenic enough to capture and while strolling around our guide took us to the place where the sculpture depicting the coronation of St. Stephen which took place some 1000 years ago can be seen.


And if you have the right visa which lets you enter any place within Europe, then you can just drive through Mária Valeria bridge, you will cross the hungarian border and reach Slovakia. Though the visa is not that mandatory as there is no one to check, but its better to return back to Hungary to explore more of it.


We however took a halt at a place where we could capture the Basilica from the other side of the Danube river and have the perfect shot of a beautiful place.


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