Matthias Church, Budapest!

Founded by the First Hungarian King St Stephen, we will find the Matthias Church located at the top of the Buda Castle Hill, serving since 1015.  As per history initially the church was called the Church of Mary which was found in ruins in 1242 by King Bela IV who later decided to move his royal residence here. In the 15th century the building was remodelled into Gothic Style by King Matthias on whose name the church is who at his time also made it one of the favourite wedding destinations for Hungarians.

Around 1526 at the invasion of the Turks, the church was turned into a Mosque. After the Turkish era, a new church was constructed on the remains in Baroque style. In the early 19th century the interiors were magnificently decorated with colorful patterns and motifs that were found on original stone fragments.

When we visited the Church after our walk around the Fisherman’s Bastion, we saw a huge line to enter it. At a small entrance fee we get to see a uniquely interiored church with paintings and museums at the upper floor. The Neo-Gothic interior of the church provides an unforgettable view.



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