The Dohany Street Synagogue, Budapest!

I had been to Spanish Synagogue in Prague which was also my first time understanding the customs of the Jewish community.  It was a beautiful place of prayer. So I was eager to see another one of these Synagogues.

One of the largest Synagogue in Europe, the 3rd largest in the whole world. Built between 1854 and 1859 at the entrance of the former Jewish district, with an eastern touch to the ceramic decorated building. More than 3000 seats can be found in the three-nave, cast-iron temple hall. For the time of worships men are accommodated on the ground floor and women can pray on the gallery.

The attractive lanterns were the most liked by me, which contributed to the grandeur of the whole place.  Apart from that there is a Monument of the Hungarian Jewish Martyrs, a weeping willow made of steel commemorates us to this event. On the leaves of the tree there are the names of the victims died during the Holocaust. Pics of the place!



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