St Gerardus, Budapest!

When you walk on the streets portraying some Two-Thousand-Year old history of Budapest, you might come across St Gerardus Hill, 235 meter tall peak not the highest point but has the beautiful panoramic view of Budapest, not the best I think the best view is from Citadel, more on Citadel in the next Blog.

Let’s start with the story of St Gerardus born in Venice and was in the service of King Stephen to convert Hungarians into Christianity. On the early death of Prince whose education was St Gerardus responsibility, he was offered the role of the rank Bishop where noblemen and commoners, rich and poor, came asking to be baptize by him. And hence converted thousands of Hungarians into Christianity.

However his role turned into a cruel reality leading to his death. According to legend in 1046 he died on the hill bearing his name. There are various stories in narration of his death. Some say he was stoned, pierced with a lance, and his body thrown from the Blocksberg cliff into the Danube and some say in the major revolt from the Pagan refusing Christianity pushed him from top of the hill to his death.

Nevertheless today, his statue depicts on the hill holding a cross and blessing the city, can be seen above the waterfall at the Buda bridge-head of the Elisabeth Bridge.


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