St Stephen Basilica, Budapest!

One of the prominent names that you will come across when in Budapest is about the King Stephen I. He is the third ruler of the nomadic and pagan hungarian tribes that had arrived from Asia and settled down in the Carpathian Basin. The one who founded the european country and who in 995 was converted into Christianity and then went about converting his people, hence the First Christian Hungarian King.

And thus comes the largest cathedral in the city, St Stephen Basilica whose work started in the year 1851 but it took more than half a century to be finally available to the public in 1905. When you enter the cathedral you will enamoured by the interiors of the church and when you look up at the mighty 96-meter-high dome, you will find an impressive mosaic depicting God, Jesus and various angels.

The interiors are no doubt impressive to see and capture, you can go through the steps or Elevator and see the city Budapest on the top. There is also the mummified “Holy Right” hand of the King which seems to have miraculously survived and not perished and hence kept in the cathedral.


And if you haven’t had enough being in the cathedral, there are concerts held within, one of which we attended its was a good concert of an hour, thereby ending our day with some soulful classical music.


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