Aareschlucht (Aare Gorge), Switzerland!

A walk through limestone cliffs in a 1.4 km long up to 200m deep gorge with only 1-2 meters wide sections is also one of memorable day trip you can have in Switzerland. The gorge was opened in 1888. A catwalk was created and evening lightning was added in 1912.


The ticket price is around 9 CHF. You need to catch the train from Interlaken ost to Meiringen, which is about 45 min. and then there is a bus which takes you up to Aareschlucht. The gorge is open daily from the beginning of April to November.

The walk from the flat valley bottom of the lower valley is separated from the upper valley by an imposing rock bar, called “Kirchet” is one of the beautiful experience one can have especially when you walk through those narrow in the middle of the gorges. The entire walk is for about 40 minutes.


As per Geology the Kirchet is mainly a rock formed in the period around 130-60 million years ago as sea deposit that solidified into a hard limestone over time. And the whole rock and limestone in between the gorges and the river is beautiful to watch…


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