Lake to the Mountain in Zug, Switzerland!

A 23 minute train ride from Zürich, you can reach a picturesque town named Zug. A name originating from the fishing vocabulary, i.e. right to pull up fishing nets and hence the right to fish.  Our plan for the day was to reach Zug and take a funicular to ZugerBerg.


A day out to this place is like trying to rejuvenate from your stressful work environment and get back. We were here during the winter so a bit of chill around. But the day was perfect to take a train ride to the Zugerberg and do some skiing or trek/walk in the pathways between the snow filled mountains. There are small play areas for kids too.


And if you are not into skiing and walking in the snow then the next big attraction would be to stroll around the Zug lake. During the summer there are more events/attractions, but when we went there we had a good stroll around the lake shores and were not disappointed with the beauty it showed and fortunately were also able to capture them.



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