Zürich – The Heidi Village!


A story about an orphaned girl who initially lives with her Aunt Dete and later on with a queer old man living in the alpine cottage far away in a village. Heidi is the main character of Johanna Spyri’s novel, written in 1880 and 1881 and has become the bestseller and one of the most popular books for generations. Her character is most loved because it conveys values that many children and adults from all cultures long for and focus on, attachment to the home, helpfulness, honesty and Joi de vivre.

And if you were one of the readers of Heidi’s novels and want to experience up close on how Heidi lived at her time, her house the valleys of the Heidialp views, then this place is a must visit.

I had taken a bus tour to this place and the weather was perfect for some picturesque clicks. You can visit Heidi’s House, the farms, there are yearly programs for the kids (check at this site if interested https://www.heididorf.ch/angebote/jahresprogramm/) or enjoy a stroll around the mountains and valleys of the place.




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