Chinese Temple Garden by the lake in Zurich!


A gift from Chinese partner town of Kunming as an appreciation for the technical and scientific support provided with expanding drinking and water supplies and urban drainage in Kunming.

Known as the Chinese Temple, the garden has an entry fee of 4CHF. At the entrance you will find two tiger sculptures with a wishing ball in their mouth. You can put your hand in the mouth of the sculpture and then rotate the ball inside and make your wish.  They say it comes True!. And as Temples are put your right foot while entering.

I liked the tranquility and the layout of the temple / the designs inscribed on the walls / ceiling paintings. When I visited this Chinese Garden at the Lake in Zürichhorn, there were not many visitors around and while walking around I imagined being a Samurai practising my Sword Fighting Skills. Guess all those KungFu movies got to me, till then the pics of the place.



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