Gubałówka and the local market – Zakopane!


After our smoked cheese tasting called Oscypek, made from salted sheep milk, we then reach at the oldest part of the Zakopane Village. On entering the village you will see an old parish church, a unique cemetery of Poland and local market vendors selling local souvenirs, leather jackets and fur coats, clothes, shoes, fruit, vegetables and some good restaurants where you could have traditional Polish Lunch.



However, to reach Gubałówka for views over the granite and limestone peaks of the Tatra Mountains, you then need to take the Funicular built in 1938 to the top. Much of the start of the walk will be around regional stands and restaurants. You can have a quick bite if you want or a walk on the Gubałówka ridge to the west towards Butorowy Wierch. Or Follow the paths mentioned in the pic above.

Our day ends with a visit to the museum, where we come across the life of the highlanders and how they lived in the mountains.


Overall the day was good with some historical facts about the place and some highlights of the mountains. And if you want the best of Zakopane I would suggest you can stay at hotel there and explore the mountains like a typical highlander!

View of the mountains from the Gubałówka!



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