On the way to Zakopane, Poland!

Took a day tour from Krakow, Poland last week to Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. Zakopane is said to be winter capital of Poland and the city counts about 3 million visitors at the Tatra National Park. It’s the highest town in Poland upto 2499 m above sea level. The city itself ranges from 750 to 1000 m above sea level.

Our first visit was at the wooden architectural village of Chochołów, located a bit further from the Tatra National Park. Chochołów is a typical street-village – a village where houses are arranged along one street. The entire town is a living open-air museum, due to the fact that it is constructed entirely of century-old, historic almost 150-years highlander huts built of logs.


The Wood, despite its age, still retains its bright color because of the inhabitants of Chochołów traditionally clean it twice a year with soap and water.

And then in the middle of nowhere was our next stop at a place where we could do some local cheese tasting and if you liked their produce you could buy them too.  I just did the tasting and then as a surprise some wine was presented, which of course we had a shot probably to keep us warm from the chilly November.


Once you reach the oldest part of Zakopane village you will be visiting some oldest charming wooden old parish church, the most unique cemetery in Poland. More in the next blog.

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