Algarve – Vila Vita Parc

Our Trip to Algarve started with a bumpy ride, it kind of delayed our plans and our itinerary. So we had to modify our whole stay limiting it to exploring the beach within the resort that we stayed. In some ways it turned out to be good as we were awfully tired after our Lisbon exploration.

We stayed in Villa Vita Parc and the resort is the best place to be for a relaxing beach holiday. This luxury resort not only has lavish rooms with beach view or their own resort view, but they also have the best of restaurants offering exquisite food and drinks. Their breakfast display is huge and of good quality. Adding some pics of the dishes we had during our 3 day stay in the resort.


Apart from having a good meal, morning, noon and night, you could have a beautiful stroll around the resort, swim, or get tanned under the sun in their private beach access from the resort.


And if you are the energetic kind who wants more out of the resort and the beach. They also have daily activity list provided by the management. Either you could take a guided bike ride around the beach or go for golfing in their golf course. Which was the highlight of our tour, I know I should be saying the beaches if things had gone as planned. But it was the Golf course we did, it was one of our first experience in it and it was a good workout. Though I wont say I am good at sports, but it was fun and given a chance would definitely play again.





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