A Walk Through Alfama Lisbon!

As usual whenever I enter a new city I try and find a walking tour. In Lisbon, we didn’t start our day 1 with it, but the 3rd day was dedicated to the tour before we left for the beaches.

Historically, Alfama is situated outside the city walls where only the poor and the disadvantaged lived, mostly retained as the tough and deprived district where sailors and dock workers lived. The great 1755 earthquake which you will hear time and again when in Lisbon miraculously did not destroy the Alfama and therefore it still retains the delightful maze of narrow cobbled streets and ancient houses.

The tour starts by the Camões Monument in Praça Luís de Camões, its fascinating to note the street arts on the walk and also how the people living in the ancient houses were asked to evacuate from their houses so that new renovations can be done at the place and they were determined not to move and also be remembered so they had themselves photographed, framed in front of their houses, displayed outside their door.

Interesting was also the graffiti work of the history of Lisbon and their fascinating story displayed throughout the streets. It was like a live presentation on the history of Lisbon given by our tour guide.

The 3 hours went by learning the fun facts about the portuguese people, their culture and also seeing the best of Portugal from their famous sightseeing spots!

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