Luisenpark – Mannheim, Germany!

One of the places not to miss during the autumns is definitely vibrant parks and trekking around the forest area. Though the weather might be a bit cold for the outing but it’s worth your time to move out and have a round near nature.

One such nearby place which we visited was Luisenpark near Mannheim, Germany. Named after princess Louise Marie Elizabeth of Prussia. Built between 1892 and 1903.

There is an entry fee of 8 Euros for adults and 4 euros for small children. However the park has lot of activities in its vicinity for all age groups. Play area for kids, a small bird sanctuary, greenhouse , Chinese garden and gondola rides.

My favourite was the Gondolette, tow boat rides where the boats are pulled by an underwater rope which follow a 1,840 meter long looped course around the lake. Fishes around the  lake would come towards the gondola almost giving an impression of being in a boat ride among the sharks. On feeding them you will find your boat surrounded by them which is a good sight to enjoy apart from the autumn colours that is!


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