Palácio Nacional da Ajuda – Lisbon!

Our day at Belém ends with the last visit to Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, I love entering castles and appreciating their grandeur so not visiting one of a particular country is something I usually don’t miss. Until and unless there is something more interesting to look and learn about.

Residence of the Port Royal Family when D.Luis (1938-1889) became king of Portugal and the Italian princess Maria Pia of Savoy (1847-1911) got married. However, this royal palace was not completely finished as the family fled to Brazil during the French invasion.

In 1968, it opened as a museum with interiors which are richly filled with furniture, tapestries, sculptures and extravagant decorative arts, wealth discovered in the 1700s in the then Portuguese colony of Brazil. The Palace is built on a hill, so we took the Tram to reach the Palace after our visit to Museu Nacional de Etnologia, however we couldn’t avoid the walk up the hill to reach it.

I liked the representation of the grandeur of this palace, and the most impressive is the Throne room and the enormous Dining Room with its crystal chandeliers, silk-covered chairs.

Sharing few pics!


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