Visit to an Ethnology Museum – Lisbon!

Time is short and there is an internal debate for 3 places to be still visited. Debate was more between should I visit the Archaeology Museum or the Museum of Ethnology. The Ethnology museum is the study about different characteristics of people and the different relations between them. Never been to one, sounded interesting and was curious to know what collections did it have.

So, our Day 2 visit in Belem continues to the Museu Nacional de Etnologia opened in 1976 has lot of interesting artefacts and lot of them were explained in detail in english. It has over 40,000 objects representing more than 380 cultures, highlighting on African, Asian and American cultures. Including the Portuguese traditions.

It’s interesting to see all those cultural/traditions followed back in time especially the African masks. intriguing tribal dolls, Amazonian feathered headpieces. Especially the Kulit de Bali puppets dated back to pre- Hindu times, also called the play of shadows when it was believed that they were entering into magical communication with the ancestral spirits through the shadows.

Some artefact pics!



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