National Coach Museum – Lisbon!

The day 2 itinerary continues, its already 12 noon and we just have finished Torre de Belem and The Monument of Discoveries still more to go. (You can check on the links incase you haven’t read my blogs on them) . The list of the go to places is in the below pic.


We have a quick bite of our Burgers bought from one of the stalls at the Monument of Discoveries, sitting along the banks of the Tagus River basking under the sun. Lunch done! now where do we head? You can walk to the other monuments (i.e. if they are walkable) or take the tram that moves around the area. I wanted to see The National Coaches Museum so we move towards it.

The coach museum was not that far but on the way the famous Monastery Of Jeronimos is there. However, we  decided to check on the Coach Museum First.

Museu Nacional dos Coches – National Coach Museum

On May 23, 1905 the “Royal Coach Museum” was inaugurated in Lisbon by initiative of Queen Amélia of Orleans and Bragança, Princess of France, daughter of the Count of Paris, who married King Carlos I of Portugal in 1886. It was created to preserve the important collection of vehicles belonging to the Royal House.

Today, the Museum houses important Man / Horse drawn carriage collection of vehicles from the 17th century coach of King Philip II to the 19th Century carriages. This collection is quite unique in the world. In addition it also shows the development of the art of sculpture, gliding and other applied arts.


The museum as such is small but it’s worth the visit to see all those historical carriages lined up in its magnificence. There is also another new Coach Museum right across the street, but due to shortage of time we didn’t visit it.

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