Portugal – Lisbon!

Skip the heels when in Lisbon, its built over seven steep hills clad in cobblestoned streets. A good workout when you walk the streets up down. Lisbon is all about wandering the backstreets, climb the many hills and have a taste of their food, wine and music. Apart from knowing about their history and culture.

The best economical way to travel Lisbon is to take the Lisboa Card, which offers free travel for consecutive 24h, 48h and 72h price ranging from 19 to 40 Euros. The card also allows free entrance to museums and monuments and discounts in other sites of interest.

The day we arrived in Lisbon was in the afternoon and so once we checked into the hotel our first hunt was for food. And knowing Lisbon to be seafood paradise, so obviously fresh fish with a bottle of wine was our way of starting our trip.



Lunch done, we head towards Igreja de São Roque, one of the most magnificent churches in the world, supposedly the costliest church in Europe at the time of its establishment and when you enter and look at the exquisite display of architecture and interior fittings, no doubt you have to believe it.


After the visit to the church, it was too late to visit any monuments or take any tours. So we kind of stroll on the streets of Lisbon and reach the Tagus River where you will find soothing music floating along with the flow of the river. The Tagus is a constant presence and responsible for the mythical light which illuminates the city and brightens the life of those who live in it.



And if you stay longer, you will see an amazing light show at the Praça do Comércio. The place which had a castle residence of the Portuguese kings for more than 200 years, before the great earthquake in 1755. In the evening when the sun goes down there is a display of this place with colourful lights.



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