Portugal – Pena Palace!

Visiting Portugal was like going back in time and getting acquainted with how much India and Portugal have a history together, Vasco da Gama’s entry into Calicut on Malabar Coast in 1498 AD.  I mean I have been to Goa and aware of Portuguese existence. But my visit was a long time back and back then it never occured that in reversal Portugal will also have its Indian presence.

Today’s blog covers the Pena Palace in Lisbon. The castle stands on the top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains above the town named Sintra inhabited by the Royal family until the 20th Century. It’s a must do trip from Lisbon, which if done in a day like we did is not enough. We could cover only the Pena Palace and then the Quinta Da Regaleira.


The Pena Palace is colourful, vibrant and out of a story book castle with its architecture. The palace was built in the 19th century influenced by the romantic and eclectic inclinations of the time. King Fernando II chose to build a revivalist palace which would include artistic styles from antiquity through to the Renaissance, the art of the east, Arab – styled domes, minarets and Manueline motifs. Today, all that remains of the original building are the cloisters and the chapel, with its Renaissance altarpiece carved in alabaster and black marble by Nicolau Chanterenne.

If you plan to go there by yourself, it’s better to take some tours and travel as they will cover most of Sintra in your visit, as it is too huge to be covered in a day. However, if you have more days then you can catch a train to Sintra and then look for Bus no 434.

Some pics of this beautiful Vibrant Palace.



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