Blue Mosque – The Sultan Ahmed Mosque!

A historical till date functioning Mosque in Istanbul, a popular tourist site, The Blue Mosque. The name given due to the hand-painted blue tiles that adorn the mosques interiors.


Though the visit to the mosque is free, however you need to check the timings as the mosque closes for 90 minutes during their prayer time which takes place 5 times in the day and last one at nightfall. You also need to take your shoes off and put in plastic bags provided at the entrance.

Women need to cover their heads while entering the mosque, head coverings are available. I knew of this tradition so I had brought my scarf along, which was sufficient to cover my head.

The interiors are magnificent and beautiful, built in between 1609 and 1616 years. Has 5 main domes, 6 minarets and 8 secondary domes. The design is considered as the last great mosque of the classical period as it incorporates both the Byzantine Christian elements and the Islamic architecture.

The upper levels of the interior are dominated by blue paint with 200 stained glass windows and chandeliers. On the chandeliers, ostrich eggs are found that were meant to avoid cobwebs inside the mosque by repelling spiders. The Floors are covered with carpets, where worshippers sit and pray.

Some pics of the place.



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