Turkish Tea!

Visiting Turkey was a gastronomic delight. Of course Turkey has lot to offer. But the most I remember at the moment is its delicious food. Our place of visit was Istanbul. Four days dedicated to the city, so my bucket list still has Turkey as a tourist destination as there are still many more to explore.

Todays blog is dedicated to Turkish Tea, rather than Istanbul city. We were there in the month of February, a cold climate and hence lots of turkish tea consumption. So lets start of with the fascinating facts that I came across while relishing their tea.

– The tea is also called “Chai”, though written as “Cay” but pronounced as Chai. This is a Black Tea served in a small Tulip-shaped glass.

– They don’t add milk or lemon just cubes of sugar as per your taste.

– Turkey is one of the largest tea growers in the world making it more that 6% of the worlds tea. Originally it used to be imported from China.

– Turks consume almost 3 kilos of tea each year making them one of the top consumers of tea after Morocco and UK. I thought India would be also in the list, maybe Coffee is giving a tough competition.

– The most well known brand is government owned Çaykur brand. A place named Rize is where Çaykur tea garden is there, which employs approx. 16,500 people and produces more than 6000 tons of tea per day.

– The tea is also prepared in a very interesting way, a Caydanlik is needed, which is two pots stacked on top of each other and the water is placed on the bottom pot, while the tea leaves is put into the top pot. After the bottom pot gets boiled, pour the boiled water on the top pot. Now pour the tea in the Tulip- shaped glass through a strainer so that they are half-filled, later top it up with the boiling water of the bottom pot.

The Tea is made, enjoy it to your delight. At the moment I can only offer you the pics of the one I had.



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