Italy – Capri, The Blue Grotto!

Initially a Greek Colony, then became a resort for the Roman Emperors, who favoured Capri the most, as a result built up several villas. The cliffs were also used as a punishment tool; to throw off people, whoever displeased the Emperor.

Today, Capri is one of the famous islands in Italy where it seems even celebrities visit. And once you land there you will know why. It has a spectacular position where in you can see the endless sea, the white cliffs, the white washed small villages and the seafood to relish.

Capri Feature Image (1)

Capri Village (1)We had taken a day tour from Rome through Green Line Tours. The whole tour took about 13 hours, you can also take the Tour from Naples, which will be of much lesser time.

My recommendation after the visit; you probably should stay near the Amalfi coast and enjoy the southern side of Italy separately. I simply liked the walk around the small villages, window shopping around the artistic shops and having a peaceful lunch in the beautiful surrounding.

Capri Streets (1)

Capri Villas (1)Art work (1)Capri Water (1)

A Cave with Cavity
Sunlight passing through Gravity
Dark Sea with a Glow
Its Capri’s Blue Grotto…

Grotto2 (1)

And then comes the Blue Grotto, there were several articles stating whether a visit here is good enough. In fact even our tour guide was preparing us for a disappointment.
It’s debatable actually, looking at the price, the time wasted in the queue and then only (I think) 4 minutes spent in the Grotto, one can say its a waste of everything.

Blue Grotto Entry (1)

Grotto3 (1)Grotto 1 (1)

But for us, for a first time experience, going inside the narrow cave, surrounded by complete darkness, just a ray of sunlight to brighten that cave and the boat rowers singing Italian songs, probably not even pictures and the way I write can describe it. After a moment we stopped clicking photos and were just rejoicing the experience.

So in the end, I would say; We had a good time but then “To Each His Own”. Till then enjoy the pics and you can also check my other blog on Italy.

Italy – Florence!

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