Italy – Florence!

DSC_0115If you plan to go to Italy rest assured exhaustion is bound to hit; there is so much to see, admire and learn about the country, you will undoubtedly need a pair of good walking shoes.

However one complain I have, that sometimes I found the people in some places of Italy to be a bit rude. Nevertheless keeping that aside, overall it is an informative and fashion paradise country to travel.

Out of the cradle of Renaissance
Inscribed in Unesco’s World Heritage list
Privileged with famous Art Giants
Shine today Florence
It’s your Stance…

DSC_0358For me Florence was the best city (in Italy) that we visited. It’s a car free zone, so exploring the city by foot is all you can do. It’s a high spirited city with lively music all around and attentive customer service.

We stayed in Florence for 3 days, out of which half a day was given to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The best view of Florence city for Photography is the Piazzale Michelangelo; it’s quiet a walk up but it’s worth the effort. And if you stroll there in the evening, you might be welcomed with live music in the background and also see the city in different shades.

DSC_0072DSC_0115DSC_0074Florence is said to have been the wealthiest cities in the medieval era and the birthplace of Renaissance. The must go places in Florence are many, but the two most prominent ones I would like to highlight are:

Ponte Vecchio, the oldest segmented arch bridges in the world. Built at the narrowest point of the river Arno and is the only remaining one with number of houses and shops of jewellers, art dealers and souvenirs built on the sides of the bridge. History records date the bridge as early as 996 but its true origin is unclear.


The Duomo is famous for the dome by Brunelleschi, the adjacent bell tower and baptistery, the sculptures in the Duomo museum around back except for the church itself. And it was nicknamed The Duomo by The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Saint Mary of the Flower) after the enormous octagonal dome on its east end.

IMG_2324DSC_0504DSC_0449DSC_0203Florence apart from this has many more fascinating places to see and visit, or you can just go here to unwind from your daily routine. Its positive cheerful atmosphere is sure to help leave the gloom and get back to enjoy life.






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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photographs and it brought back loads of memories for me . The beauty, the bustle, the architecture and the CROWD. Gosh! It was a sight to see the many people congregate on the Ponte Vecchio .


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