Month: May 2019

Raw Intelligence!

Raw Intelligence does not equate with success.¬†Unspoken beliefs that we carry through our lives influence our chances of happiness, self confidence and success. If we look just at the Origin of wine itself. Who would have thought a bunch of damaged fruit would turn into such toasty wine? But the […]

Quote 1: Innovate

Learn all that has to be learnt Experience all that has to be felt Analyse all that needs a good dissect Visualise for those who need insight And yes then Create what no one has ever dreamt That’s when a Master rises to an Innovator…

Hello from the other side…

Hello¬†from the other side I know it’s been a long time For those wondering where did I slide I am still here on planet earth Exploring a new country for all its worth A cup of coffee I offer you this time Its dark, black yet refreshingly sublime An offer […]