The Non-Fiction Rumour…

You were jealous, bitter and spiteful to start the rumour
Strangers added their imagination making it a humour
Whom I thought were my own, accepted and drowned in the ocean of lies
You all toyed with my dignity n reputation
Yes, my soul cries

I chose my battles.
When confronted, you feared. When ignored, you ruffled
Not all was lost, few believed me not you. Those I promise to keep cuddled
Waiting patiently, I saw the rumours die its natural death
You think you won, but I still had the power to start afresh
Yes, my image rekindled…


18 comments on “The Non-Fiction Rumour…

  1. prashantt
    October 7, 2016

    Wonderwords ma’amπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    When did you penned this since?

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    • writeshefali
      October 7, 2016

      Thank you 😊, this was my second poem, published in April this year. I am reposting all my intial blogs when most of the likes were for me to follow them n nothing…. I will continue this till next week, there is a reason I m doing this, so keep a tab on them ok😊

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      • prashantt
        October 7, 2016

        I don’t like suspense..what’s the reason behind it though i always had an eye on your blogπŸ˜›πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›

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        • writeshefali
          October 7, 2016

          Hehe… Its not a big suspense or anything… My 6 months probation in blogosphere is coming to an end in mid OctoberπŸ˜‰… so I m going to write my evlauation… n I will ask u your feedback so be ready πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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          • prashantt
            October 7, 2016

            Shefali you born for this job and this is first time i ever heard something like i only expect from you…i am very amateur for feedback yet you’re more like a good friend than a blogger that is what i found something new and first time on blogosphere as i never feels like speaking to stranger thats your quality also reflecting on your posts.

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            • writeshefali
              October 7, 2016

              Arrey u toh gave feedback before hand πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… Wait now tell me all this on my blog on next sat ok, n feedback can be given by anyone in this blogosphere of words I m a novice so will appreciate it from an expert of words 😊

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              • prashantt
                October 7, 2016

                Haahaa…arrey mujhse gyaan ki baat kam hoti hai so this is a zist & feedback toh morever comments mein hota hi hai but i still like your office scenario kind posts moreπŸ˜›πŸ˜›

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  2. jash palande
    October 6, 2016


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  3. radhikasreflection
    October 6, 2016

    Uncontrolled rumours
    Turn malignant tumours
    But confront it with an armour
    Then it becomes just a humour.
    Loved the poem Shefali!

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  4. mySestina
    April 30, 2016

    oh this is so amazing… such emotions and helplessness with the rumors… and then a warrior


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