Month: Aug 2016

The time in between…

Change is inevitable they say But being in middle of this change Is what sucks When that one door closes N as I stand alone at that hallway Contemplating in the dark Which door will open That time in between That confusing time That lonely time That’s the most lousy […]

Unleashing Guilt…

You weren’t intentionally bad You hurt for you were just mad You still worthy of love n not just blame Or else you wouldn’t have felt such shame Did you know it would end this way Did you know there was another pathway You couldn’t have known the consequences Or […]

Seasonal Friend Robin!!!

This little chappy who has his own mind, no clue why, would occasionally on his whim and fancy visit our backyard. And whenever I am playing music or in my own world. I will find Robin either singing or distracting me by hoping and flying all around. He is one […]


  Dear Me, When I want to sketch my image I fail to paint the lines The roles I play are so many At times I can’t really tell who am I My Grades, My Resume, My Relations, My Body My Income, My Success, My Failures, My Mistakes, These titles […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Bellepapillon for presenting me with this award. I love the concept of your blogs to Synergise, to Motivate, to Help, to Advice. Thanks for being a part of this blogging world. For the first time I relate to an award, this one, really I blog anything and everything […]