Month: Jun 2016

Dancing Flamenco…

Candle lit ambience Guitar filed flamenco Singer singing to its tune Dancer appears in flow She dances in rhythm Captivated in her emotion Castanets clapping in hand Flamenco sketching her yearnings Her vibrant attire twirling As she keeps curling Her spirit on the high With boots loudly tapping Then comes […]

3 Quotes I like…

Photograph – Tiger Hill, Darjeeling, India. The leaves overshadowing, overpowering the beauty of the sun. But we all know what happens once the day pass by. Sometimes we just have to wait for the brightness to enter our lives. The quote is very self explanatory, I like the positivity that […]

Gossip Good Grouping!!!

Scene: Interview setting, 2 Interviewers, me candidate no 5. 10 minutes have passed since the interview started, interviewer on the 7th question. Interviewer 1: Since you would be eventually managing employees, I will give you a case study and you tell me the solution. Nervous siren on, I am new to […]

Blogger Recognition Award!!! ðŸ˜Š

I am very surprised and really excited to get nominated for a award, this would be my first :). Thank you so much Arti Manekar (poemsbyarti) for recognising my blog and nominating me. Blogging Journey  I am a 2 month old blogger. I started blogging for the whole reason that I have […]

Stuck in fairy tales…

Yes I am still a child In this corrupted earth Believing in ethical minds Untainted at the cost of being exiled In this insensitive globe Idolising tender spirits Judged unfair tighten their heroic robes In this murderous world Imagining souls to be right Angels within the shadows of the night […]

It’s me that you need…

To the world, to everyone I was of no use Was sure I would loose Rejoiced when I failed Had my coffin already nailed Your word Daddy had me going Your tiny hand in mine had me knowing How could I let the world win leaving you alone When it’s […]