Balancing your sheet — Praise n Criticism 

Too much Praise – Ruins You
Too much Criticism – Cripples You

Too little Praise – Demeans your worth
Too little Criticism – Dilates your worth

Avoiding Praise and Criticism – means to do, say and become nothing

Balancing Praise and Criticism – means you know failure and success go hand in hand

There will always be somebody better than you and yes someone worse than you too.

So, its simple….Balance your sheet…n…Float Through Life.


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  1. wow, crispy style and great clarity, in this post. Some previous posts had great insights. If it is you wanting to share, this is way too cool. If you want to declare, above the din…… do find and tell me, coz u r the expert and you rock.

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    • Thank you… It’s both share and declare actually… Some of the insights are my way of reminding myself what is right n wrong and how to go about it… I usually have jumbled up thoughts… I take time to stream line them and bring a logical output of it… But thank you so much for taking the time and giving me your inputs… It helps me in finding how do I go about here…

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