Colouring your eyes – HOLI (Holi festival symbolically means Victory of good over evil)

 I, though being an Indian have never played holi in my entire life. For me Holi symbolically represented nothing – what good n what evil? What victory is there in colouring each other? I hated being bathed in water and colours just for fun.

However this year a change of heart, I decided to participate and that too not in India but in London, UK. No I wasn’t coerced into it. You see when you are away from your country sometimes the very things you hate, suddenly makes you desire it.

So here I was in a foreign land celebrating and playing an Indian festival named HOLI. The next thing I know is the thought crossing my mind after seeing the crowd filled with fellow Indians and people from all walks of countries – Do these people even know what this festival means?

Did they know that Lord Vishnu appeared as Lord Narasimha and killed King Hiranyakashipu, hence we play holi as a reminder of victory of Prahlada (good) over Hiranyakashipu (evil).

I guess not. Not all of them. I am sure..

But when the first burst of the coloured powder started being thrown at each other and when within few seconds we all were drenched in different colours and thereby failing to recognise even oneself. The story made no significance because right there in midst of all the colours we were making our own small victory of Unity.

Where the world kept dividing us on the basis of our country boundaries, physical appearances, Classes (Rich, Middle, Poor), Religious n Divine beliefs.
Here amidst mere 3 hours when we played we found the symbolic victory of unity, togetherness and equality. We weren’t bothered by race, country nor religion. We couldn’t recognise who was who. Yet we trusted each other and threw caution out and just simply played, laughed, ate and shared colours amongst all strangers.

And we keep asking what is the answer to stop terrorism, capitalism, egoism?

From what I see we always have had the answer, it is all about forgetting the division and colouring each other with colours of respect and equality.
As long as our eyes are covered in these colours, and we reach out to each other as one being we have won half the battle. The rest half is in convincing other person to play with us, isn’t it ?

I finally found my symbolism in HOLI.. Did you?

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    • Don’t there is nothing to envy about… You have very good writing style yourself… It’s just that you write with hidden messages… It’s more to do with read between the lines… I have no mystery in my writing… And this is my first writeup ever… I think it’s clumsy but thanks for you kindness 🙂


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