Nothing written in stone – Freedom From Fear

 How do we overcome fear?

I fear failing expectations… I fear loosing my loved ones… I fear falling into financial losses…I fear growing old with wrinkles!!!

“So?” Asked a Wiseman, “ What will you do? You never know all that you fear might as well come true”

I nod and say “Nothing written in stone, except my past. So I will face my fear and make it a farce”.

Fear fills us with anxieties, phobias and feeds on our insecurities. Overcoming ways: Fear on paper or rather laptop (digital world!) – Write, get aware and acknowledge your fear. Need to know your enemy… to fight right!

Mistakes part of life – Accept this truth. Not repeating is the key. In fact making mistakes will free you from your fear. Blessing in disguise I tell you.

Skill Management – Work on your skills to give you more confidence. Talk to someone who could give you that reality check. Hardships and struggles will actually bring improvement.

Worst scenarios — Imagining the worst, yet saying bring it on, takes you a long way.

Diverting mind – Whenever fear pops in your mind, distract your mind. It could be anything music… movie…books.

Inspiration – Get inspired by people who probably gone through your fears and yet live a contended life. Need not be celebrities, people you meet on daily basis are inspirational too.

And ya those wrinkles, those are bound to happen I guess. All I can say when the time comes I might get poetic and say …“Those wrinkles are witness to my past written in stone”.

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  1. Thanks,your father sounds like a wiseman :)..I think I am a typical Virgo so worry and fear are my constant freinds…Those overcoming methods are therefore tried n tested…Thanks again for liking d post 🙂


  2. Great piece! My dad always said I could have anything I ever wanted as long as I was willing to sacrifice the same things as the people already have it did! I suppose that includes the fear we all feel too! great post!


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