It’s me that you need…

To the world, to everyone
I was of no use
Was sure I would loose
Rejoiced when I failed
Had my coffin already nailed

Your word Daddy had me going
Your tiny hand in mine had me knowing
How could I let the world win leaving you alone
When it’s me you need to keep you growing

To the world, to everyone
Didn’t care for my tears
Didn’t understand all my fears
My anger were all unreal
My worries looked surreal

The umbilical cord though cut
My emotional cord did not get shut
How could I not show I am fine n all strong
When it’s me you will need, if life ever goes wrong

To the world, to everyone
Meet my parents whose nest I have left
In the journey of my quest
They are my world, my everyone
Who turned my life into a divine bless

2 replies

  1. 2nd visit to this peace, my kind of thing, 1st person, angst, raw etc. Yet your style is far superior. Write Shefali, write till you get your style, rhythm to its height, and then forgetting the blog, world, write truly, even if insufferable to the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahah… I liked your take….even if it’s Insufferable to the world…lol.. I can’t stop laughing… Thanks for the 2nd visit though… Your kind words inspire me to write…Thanks 🙂


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